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Are you interested in cutting expenses for your business?

Regardless of the sector you operate in, energy costs are likely to be a considerable outlay.

A simple solution is to switch your energy supplier to get a better rate. However, finding the best deal can be a challenge.

That’s where business energy brokers come in.

Comparing tariffs with a commercial utility broker makes it much easier than going at it alone.

But how do you find the best business utility broker for you?

If you’re looking for first-class customer service, fast, reliable quotes, and comparisons of 20+ suppliers, you need a third-party business energy broker like Go Energy Compare Limited.

We aim to decrease your overheads by offering a fully comprehensive service on your energy, gas, and electricity bills.

We search the breadth of the market to find you the best prices.

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Find the best business energy prices

Choosing an energy supplier for your business can be pretty overwhelming, with endless tariffs that differ by energy type, your location, and consumption rates – and all of them claim to be ‘the best’. Luckily, our experts are on hand to help make you the best decision for your business.

We’ll calculate your consumption rates based on your previous bills and, with a letter of authority from you, use this to find which supplier will offer you the best price and service. All our customers who are comparing or switching supplier can take advantage of our business energy rates. Exclusive services include:
• Compare and switch suppliers

• New meter installations

• Group purchasing

• Flexible buying

• Bespoke corporate rates

You get a simple, easy to understand quote that highlights the best option for you – even if it means staying with your current provider. Once you’ve chosen a supplier, we’ll act on your behalf to ensure a smooth installation or switch, including speaking to your supplier if you have any questions.

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We compare options from the leading energy providers. Ensuring that you get the right deal.

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Helping you find the right business energy broker for you.

Go Energy acts as an intermediary between the commercial utility suppliers you know, such as British Gas and Scottish Power and others you may have never heard of. We speak to over 20 energy providers to make sure you are getting the best possible price for your gas and energy supplies. As a result of using an energy broker, your business will get numerous benefits, namely;

– An improved energy cost that will beat the renewal fees from your existing provider – this could result in savings of up 45%
– Save your own in-house resources from having to spend hours trawling through business energy prices to find a cheaper quote
– Acting as your in-house energy expert to provide useful information on all things energy, including gas, electricity and water

Like any other business partner, it’s important that you can rely on your energy broker. Since the deregulation of the market, over 70 third-party energy brokers have been set up. However, not all energy brokers are the same and it’s important that your business finds a commercial utility broker that puts its customers first.

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We have many valuable years of industry experience.

The Best Deals

We currently compare 20+ business energy providers, including familiar providers from the ‘Big Six’ as well as smaller companies that might be able to offer you a great deal on gas and electricity for your business.

A large panel of providers.

We select from our panel of providers to get the best deals for you.

Tailored customer service

We compare tariffs and deals that suit your budget and business needs.

Find the best business energy prices

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