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Unlimited data, unbeatable price

Enjoy the best unlimited data deal in the UK for just £18 a month. Or choose our Value SIM for just £12 a month.

The UK’s best Unlimited SIM deal

With your first Unlimited SIM at just £18 a month and up to three more at just £12 a month each, you’re getting the best deal on the market.

A network you can rely on

We’re powered by the UK’s best network, with the highest coverage available in the UK at 99%. Use our handy checker here to see what coverage you get in your area.

Our Peace of Mind Promise

When you switch at least three of your services – energy, broadband, mobile and/or insurance (excluding Home Insurance) – you’ll get:

  • Energy prices £125 below the Energy Price Guarantee
  • Up to £400 towards any early termination fees with existing suppliers
  • 30 days to change your mind and switch away without penalty

High-Quality Business Mobile Suite

It’s time to switch up with our business-class mobile communication solution that brings quality and class to your revenue and your customer service. 

With this solution, you can add an additional revenue stream and even get to choose whether you want to bill the customer directly or have upfronts or ongoing commissions from the mobile networks.


Frequently Ask Questions

A sim-only deal offers unlimited or limited data, minutes, and text. With the SIM-only deal, you don't have to change your mobile, just a new SIM.

Absolutely, you can surely use your own phone while using our SIMs.

Unlimited data means that you get to use mobile data without any restrictions at all. In the country, the data is totally unlimited but remember when you are in Europe, the data usage is restricted to 14 GB a month.

Go Energy proudly uses the EE network. It is because of their quality coverage and strong signal strength throughout the country.

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The Best Alternatives for your Business

With our picks of energy suppliers, you will be surprised at how much money you can save with your business.

Switching providers is simple.  All you need to do is provide some basic information that helps us with the process. Our energy provider’s prices are updated on a regular basis.

So, have a call with our consultant and get notified of the latest deals.

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