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Voice (SIP/Hosted, Phone Line+)

Complete Hosted Telephone Solution

With Go Energy, you can get hosted telephony solitons that will work as an alternative for your traditional PBX systems.

This is not just you, most businesses across the UK are switching towards hosted solutions that are more beneficial and scalable. It gives effective management of your inbound and outbound call and can assist multiple programs with a single private telephony network.

Why you should SWITCH

According to Openreach, all analog and digital telephone services are expected to be switched off until 2025. This is a quite serious changeover so you need to switch early rather than being late.

Go Energy support can answer all your burning questions regarding the switch.


Frequently Ask Questions

No, it doesn't, it will only take 4-5 working days to switch your energy services.

No, we will take care of that. We will talk to your previous supplier and after a few weeks, they will stop sending you the bills. We will be asking you for a meter reading and sending future bills your way.

It will depend on the generation of your smart meter. If it is a first-generation smart meter then it's all set. We will automatically start communicating with it.

Not necessarily, it is better to check that out with your supplier if you are under a contract or fixed tariff.

Yes, Go Energy does offer a smart export guarantee. Whenever you generate renewable energy back into the grid, you will get paid for it.

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The Best Alternatives for your Business

With our picks of energy suppliers, you will be surprised at how much money you can save with your business.

Switching providers is simple.  All you need to do is provide some basic information that helps us with the process. Our energy provider’s prices are updated on a regular basis.

So, have a call with our consultant and get notified of the latest deals.

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